Littney Cruz, MS (Licensed Clinician)

Littney was born in Venezuela, South America as the third child in a Christian family (with two older brothers, and an adopted younger sister). Her parents were missionary workers all of their lives, working as ministers and teachers. Littney’s parents dedicated their lives serving others in their communities. Her parents spent five years in the Amazon as missionaries working with the Venezuelan Native Indians.Littney learned to love, help, and serve others from watching how her parents treated those around them. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Business (BA) in Antillean University, Puerto Rico.

In 1996, she married Jose Cruz and moved to United States. While in Berrien Springs, she completed her Masters in Social work, (MSW) and started her journey of ministering to others through therapy, guidance and support. She is happily married and has two children (Daniel and Janielly).

When her children were younger, Littney became a foster mother and helped other children learn effective coping skills and worked to help them create better lives for themselves and their families.

Littney J. Cruz has been working as a Social Worker since June 2001. Throughout her decades of helping others she has focused her work on assisting children and families. Littney has been a case manager, clinical therapist, home-based therapist, outpatient clinician and an intake specialist.

Littney’s time working with at-risk youth and their families strengthened her dedication to this population. Littney has spent hours advocating for her clients in courtrooms across the region.

In 2007, Littney started working full-time at a small agency called Dockside, working with at-risk youth on
probation who were struggling with mental health issues. In 2009, she decided to join Riverwood Center as a (MST) Multi-Systemic therapist. She took on many different roles at Riverwood including being a home based clinician, outpatient therapist and intake specialist. Littney loves working with English and Spanish speaking children and families.

Littney enjoys investing time with her church helping families to become stronger. Littney assists children, teens, and families to become more independent. She believes in helping/loving and preparing families for a BETTER FUTURE.


I Work With Individuals, Kids, Adolescents, Couples & Families.

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